Killer Slippers

Every few months I’ll spend an evening looking through Amazon’s listing of upcoming books. One that had really intrigued me was a title called Killer Slippers: And How to Make Them – I mean, just check out those awesome tugboats on the cover! Since the author doesn’t have more information about them on Amazon, I did a bit of a Google search and discovered that Killer Slippers is, in fact, a reprint….. and there were several reasonable copies on eBay! I didn’t have to wait until December’s release for my copy! Since my book has arrived and I’ve had a chance to read it, I thought I would give everyone a bit of a review!

First, if you’re shying a way from getting this book because of the thought of having to make your own shoes, relax. Killer Slippers is about recovering purchased slippers not starting from scratch. The beginning section of the book discusses how to make a pattern piece for each style of slipper you may need plus information on how to recover them when the time comes. The rest of the book is devoted to making 15 unique and fun slipper designs: koi fish, circus elephants, giant flies, swans, and cute little cars are just a few of the ways you can keep your feet cozy this winter. The instructions seem pretty straight-forward and the patterns you need to complete the look are included (full size) inside the book. Now I can’t wait to get my hands on some slippers this fall and try my hand at making my own fun looks – now which one should I go for first?