Trips, Purses, and Packages

This time, last week, we were still doing some vacationy type things and making a long, hot drive home. Since my mind is still on ‘vacation mode’, I thought I would share one our group pictures from the trip (Fact: not only is this the first group shot of us on the blog, but it’s taken from inside the bottom of a cave). But before our sight seeing, cave adventuring, and roller coaster riding fun, we made a side trip for Taylor and my husband to participate in a golf tournament. Of course, there was plenty for Easton and I to do including making a trip to Ellen Medlock’s Studio store!

This is a fairly new brick-and-mortar store that is beautifully decorated (so it makes you want to shop, shop, shop) and has all of the items and kits you’d find online. Ellen herself was working the counter – she was very nice and gave me lots of great purse making tips. In the end, I finally settled on The Petite Pochette Bag, a pearl purse frame, the blueblack butterfly and stripe prints, and a butterfly purse hanger. I am very excited to finally get started on this project as it will be my very first purse frame project!

While I was also gone, all my swap packages arrived in the mail. Since I showed you what I created, I thought I’d let you see what I received in return. For the Blythe swap my partner made a fabulous Wonder Woman costume, robe, dress, and as an extra sent a petite Blyte set! For my T Shirt swap, my partner silk screened a great, geekery mash up between The Big Bang Theory’s (robot) evolution shirt and Star Wars. Both were awesome packages – this is why swapping is so addictive!