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A is for…..

I’m on a roll making items for my latest swap. Today, it’s “A is for Absorbent Burp Cloths” Since my partner is expecting her first child, I’ve decided that her entire package would be something for the new mombaby. What’s a better present than some ‘designer’ burp cloths? They’re cute, absorbent, and best of all, easy to make. I chose two fabrics that she’s selected as potential baby room themes: Star Wars and OwlsWoodland. Now all this baby needs is a matching onesie….. guess what I’m making next?

Linky Thursday

Everyone has at least one disaster hiding in their closet. Now here’s you chance to not only transform it into something fabulous, but have a chance to win some prizes doing it.

Not only does this clutch look trendy and expensive, but it’s convertible too!

I’m not usually one for Peter Pan collars, but this one has a fabulous backside, too.

Wear the unexpected – The rainbow petticoat.

Need a bag that can carry it all, keep it’s shape, and be comfortable to wear? Check out this Mean, Green Heavy Duty Bag (complete with extra padding in the straps).

Send your little girl back to school in style with this sweet Schoolhouse Skirt.

An easy way to make a chevron shirt.

Probably the comfiest pants your toddler could wear.

If you’re still needing a backpack to carry all your school supplies, you’ll definitely want to whip up one of these old-school style designs.

Have a little helper in the kitchen? Give them their own apron.

If you’ve had a child in the past 10 years, chances are you have a glider rocker that’s in a definite need of recovering. Learn how to transform yours here.

Sleepy Eyes

I know what you’re going to say. You’re in another swap?

Partners were announced the other day for the Spell My name Swap and I was so motivated that I’ve already started on my first project: “R is for Restful Eye Pillow”. This is a simple little rectangle (a twill on the front and satin on the backside) that’s embellished with some ‘sleepy’ eyes. I filled it with rice so you can either heat it up in the microwave or chill it in the freezer. I debated adding a ‘relaxing’ essential oil fragrance to the rice, but nixed it in the end. My partner is pregnant and I didn’t want to trigger any sort of sensitivities to smell – it wouldn’t just scent the eye pillow, but potentially the whole package when I shipped it too. Now if I can just pry it away from the little guy – he’s enjoying it way too much (too bad it won’t relax him enough to nap).

Monster Mash

I know every little kid has their ‘passion(s)’. For most little boys it’s cars, trains, superheros, maybe even a specific character. Mine? Roller coasters and MonstersHalloween (and if you can combine the two to make a Halloween or Monster themed roller coaster he’s in heaven). When we first changed over to the ‘big boy bed’ it wasn’t as apparent how much he loved these things so we went with the generic sports theme. However, over the weekend, my husband and I decided it might be a good idea to give his room a makeover…. a retro monster themed area (Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein)! Easton started picking out posters (and figurinesstatures he wanted) and I went on a fabric hunt. I was over the moon when I discovered Robert Kaufman re-released Monster Mash (shown on the left). For years I’ve been looking for reasonable yardage of this print so I could make something fabulous with it (like this bag) and luckily stumbled across it at eQuilter late the other night. So folks, if you’re interested inbeen searching for this print don’t be duped into high prices on eBay ($20+), it’s out again (and just in time to make over a little boys room)!


It’s Monday. That means one thing – time to draw the winner of the Dritz Project Bag giveaway! One name was randomly selected – Comment #5, Julie who said, “Love the bag! I would use to tote around my on the go projects instead of a plastic bag.” Julie, send me an email with your contact information and I’ll shoot it right out! Even if you’re not a winner this time – don’t worry, we’ll be having more giveaways very soon! Have a great week everyone!

Eye Spy With My Little Eye

This has been a week of ‘Spring Fall cleaning’ (and moving the oldest’s room down to the basement per her request). Much of my day has been spent rummaging through closets, drawers, old boxes…. While the 4 year old has been fascinated with some of the items that have turned up (we found some old toys that held his attention all day), there have been a few times that he just needs something interesting to occupy his time while I’m sorting through everything. That’s when I sat down the other night and stitched him up an Eye Spy Bag. For the front side of the bag, I used a Hot Wheels print fabric while on the back I embroidered a race car design that’s built into my machine and then stitched on a printed list of the items inside. Even though he can’t read yet, at some point he’ll be able to, plus it reminds me what I stashed inside (some items are very tiny).

Hopefully this will capture his attention for a while – I’m almost done going through everything!

Linky Thursday

Just a few more days left to enter to win a Dritz project bag!

Ever fall in love with a clothing item that you see in an online commercial (where the clothes really aren’t what they’re selling)? While I was on Craftster recently, I noticed (and watched) and ad for Bernina where a woman created a fantastic (adult) twirly skirt. After inquiring about it, I got a link… here it is, and it’s FABULOUS!

Any little boy (or girl) would love to combine two of their favorite things. In this case, it’s robots and dogs: The Robot Dog Softie.

I have some of these exact coffee bags. I keep telling myself that I’m going to make a bag with them, but may have to try this apron instead.

If you have metal handled pans, you won’t want to miss this pan handle protector project (you can skip the embroidery if you don’t have access to a machine).

Keep your necklaces, earrings, etc. tidy while traveling with this Jewelry Roll tutorial.

Get your pooch ready for Halloween with this fun and festive cape.

Minky doesn’t just have to be for blankets, use it to stitch up this cute and cuddly croc.

Learn how to create a high-low skirt – perfect for the weekend.

School is (almost) in session. If yours still gets to take naps, learn how to make this custom nap mat.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Quillows – it was one of the first few projects I made once I started sewing. This one, by far, is much cuter than what I did.

Who doesn’t love a cute cardi? Now even your infant can wear one with this Baby Cardigan Onesie Tutorial.

Win 2 yards of Scamper – what an adorable set of prints!

The Angel Top says it all – it’s light and airy and made just for you.

It’s A Giveaway!

Things have been a little slow around here on the blog so it’s time to give it a little kick in the pants. I don’t know better way to jump start StacySews than by doing a little giveaway! Up for grabs is a Dritz Project Bag (shown on the right) – it’s just the right size to tote all the necessities to your next sewing class or sew-in (plus it’s made in a cute sewing-themed print). In order to be eligible for this prize, all you have to do is comment on in this thread and tell me how you’d put this tote to good use. Contest ends at midnight (CST) on Sunday, August 25 and is open to everyone – yes everyone, including those that may live outside the US.


Today marks the first day back to school (at least for my oldest) so it only stands to reason that we make… crayons. You see, yesterday I spent the afternoon cleaning out the craft storage (note to self: stop buying construction paper) and purging toys that the kids have outgrown when I unearthed our Crayola Crayon Maker. After you peel and break your crayons of choice, you load them up on a tray, the device melts them, then you pour it into the molds. There’s a lot of waiting involved, but Easton had a good time anyway… plus it’s always fun to see what new crayons you’ll come up with.

Sugar Skull

I didn’t get to take in as much sewing as what I would have liked this weekend, but I did manage to make one fun little project: A Sugar Skull Pincushion. This is another one of those fabulous ‘in the hoop’ projects that I can stitch out and complete on my embroidery machine. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any white felt on hand, but I did have a nice, hefty black wool felt in my stash. I stuck with the color pattern as much what looked appropriate with the background color and I really think that it makes the design pop. I have to say, I like it so much, I might not stick pins in it!