A Different Tank

After spending quite a bit of time assuring the stripes on my Ottobre tank were lined up perfectly, I discovered that the instructions called for clear elastic. Unfortunately, this is something I didn’t have on hand so I decided to put that project aside and work on something I did have – Jalie 2565. Even though I haven’t used this particular pattern in ages, I love it because it has a great back. Unfortunately, after looking at the photo, I think it accentuates the fact I have broad shoulders, but hey, I’m wearing it with pride because the crown print is incredibly straight on both the front and the back, the top-stitching details (around the neckline and arm) are perfect, and the crown print reminds me a little of Juicy Couture.

2 thoughts on “A Different Tank

  1. Betty Barratt

    Oh Stacy, you are your own worst critic. This is darn cute, and darn cute on you from what I’m seeing. Great job. Hugs

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