Keep Calm

Besides the Blythe swap that I entered, I also decided that I Needed A FunkyCool T-shirt, too. Even though partners were given quite awhile ago, I’ve been sitting, mulling over what I might make. I found that if the person I’m swapping with doesn’t have a Pinterest (or similar type site), it’s a lot more difficult narrowing down ideas because I’m not quite sure what their style might be. Initially, I thought I would try to take as many of their interests (we got 6) and mash them all into one design, but it got very complicated very quickly and I never could find all the supplies that I wanted to make the shirt look the way I wanted (I was trying to find those tiny shirt lights, apparently that fad is over). So, instead, I settled on using two… the first portion of the shirt is ‘sewing themed’ – as you can see I made a “Keep Calm and Sew On” stencil (I thought about using a screen print, but the image I wanted to make was actually larger than the size of the YUDU). For the crown, I used a special glue and gold foil then embellished it with rhinestones to give it even more ‘bling’. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out – not bad for freezer paper and craft knife!

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