Over The Weekend

This was probably one of the most productive weekends that I’ve had in a very long time. A bulk of my sewing was spent double checking measurements, editing instructions, and making (another) prototype of my project for the (third installment) of One Yard Wonders. I’m very thrilled to have a project in this upcoming book and I hope you’ll enjoy the design. This one is a bit more complex (i.e. lots of pieces) than some of my other tutorials so I’m working to make construction as simple as possible so everyone will want to give this project a go!

I also worked up another Blythe dress. This one is the A-line dress from Puchi Collective – and it is very simple. The dress is supposed to be lined (for finishing purposes), but I found that it was difficult to turn right side out after sewing (I later saw in the comments that this is a common problem with this pattern). So I started over, folded under the seam allowances and hid the raw edges with a bit of trim. I think it worked out in the end because this dress is very plain and without the right fabric it could look ‘boring’ (this print has a great scale for doll clothes, but otherwise there isn’t a lot going on).

Whew! What did everyone else sew up this weekend?