Automated Sewing

I think at some point we have all joked that we wish that our projects would somehow sew by themselves, but did you know that it’s almost possible? The US military, known for it’s progressive materials and designs (did you know they have Kevlar underwear?), is working to eliminate the need for direct labor workers by fully automating the sewing process of military uniforms. Basically robots will place the material on specialized machines equipped with ‘vacuums’ will move the fabric and identify it’s placement while sewing (you can read more about it here). While this is very progressive (not to mention a budget saver for the government), don’t expect to see it in homes any time soon, this automation comes with a $1.25 million dollar price tag!

2 thoughts on “Automated Sewing

  1. Judi Stonik

    Very interesting article, Stacy. If this did go through, certainly would affect the world market. Worth staying tuned for.

  2. Rhonda

    You know there’s the joke about the pilotless airplane. Everyone has boarded the plane, doors are locked. The plane has lined up at the runway and is all set for take off. A message comes over the intercom, “Today’s flight will be totally conducted by computers. There are no pilots in the cockpit. Nothing can go wrong, nothing can go wrong, nothing can go wrong……..”

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