What An Angel

Yes, it’s more Blythe clothing. After I stumbled across these freestanding lace wings at Urban Threads, I knew what I had to do with them…. make an angel costume. The lace wings stitched out beautifully – although, somewhat time consuming: both wings took over 2 hours on the machine. The dress is a modified party dress, instead of a ‘plain’ skirt, I added two layers of sparkle tulle as well. Adding two more layers definitely made gathering more of a challenge, but it worked out well in the end. Overall, this is a lot like I how I envisioned in my head, but now I’m thinking I need to make a couple of more: one with a longer skirt and a bit more detail on the bodies, and a second, short one in black…. you know, Black Swan-ish.

2 thoughts on “What An Angel

  1. Betty Barratt

    so very cute and looks like a tedious project. Love that you made light shine down on her.

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