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I am sure after last week, you’re tired of seeing doll clothes (I have more, I’ll just save them for another day!), so I thought I would share a new, upcoming project that will be eventually rolling out of the sewing room. A group of us have decided it would be fun to do a sew-along. Since there are a few quilters in the group (and one that never uses patterns), we chose something easy to start of with – Pajamas! This project eliminated the need for fitting, but at the same time introduced some garment sewing and pattern reading. I’m so excited! We selected Simplicity 9505 which wound up being perfect since the bottoms are one piece. Eventually we’ll thrown in the top (I picked view F, the tank), but we’ll see how long it takes us to stitch up the bottoms as a group. For the fabric, I decided to give some of Joann’s (polyester) ‘silky’ fabric a whirl – the animal print really called to me while I was there… let’s hope it’s not too frustrating to work with in the end!

Project Details:

Pattern: Simplicity 9505, Views F & H

‘Silky’ animal print from Joann

Materials & Cost:

One thought on “Next On The Machine

  1. Betty Barratt

    1st off, I doubt any of us are tired of your doll projects, but I know for sure I’m not tired.
    Now this jammie pattern looks so easy and I admit, I have more pajamas than there are days in a month, but I am a night sweater and and love that I have variety. I’m going to look into this pattern. Thanks for sharing and hope to see the final product. Hugs

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