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What do you get when you cross a fashion magazine with sewing? Handmade fashion magazine! I stumbled across this the other night (while getting the latest Sew It All and Stitch – my reading material while Taylor has her wisdom teeth removed today) and was intrigued. The photographs of the projects are impressive – exactly what you’d expect from something like Vogue which makes me want to make everything. Also included in this maiden magazine are trendrunway reports and interviews with designers. Of course the big question is, what are the projects like? Inside this issue are 20 different looks – 3 are constructing a (full) garment that require enlarging the pattern 400-500% (YIKES), 2 are kittingcrochet, also included are reconstructiondistressing projects (one for an interesting upside down coat) and ‘small’ projects like shoe bows and collars.

Overall, it’s a fun and beautiful read, but I’m not sure that the projects draw me in enough (I’d like more garments to sew) to make me want to pay $20 (plus the $10 it’ll cost me to enlarge the patterns that much). I’m also a tad bit concerned that their links to Facebook and Twitter go nowhere and that there’s a notice about them being purchased by another company already – anyone overseas know anything about this?

3 thoughts on “Handmade Fashion

  1. Lorraine

    When you said their facebook and twitter links go nowhere, I had an inkling it might be a magazine under All Craft Media. Some time ago in the quilting world, there was a magazine under that same umbrella company that went under. A lot of quilters didn’t get paid/didn’t get their quilts back. Sure enough, your link above sends me to a site for Handmade Fashion. Up top, it has that nav bar with none other than Modern Quilting listed. I’m not sure what’s going on now and who owns what as I haven’t heard much lately but hoo boy! What a mess that was.

    1. Stacy

      It is the same company! Helen was kind enough to fill me in on everything that’s been going on – where have I been that I didn’t hear about all this?

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