Get Some Sleep

The days are getting longer, the sun is coming up earlier, and chances are you’re going to want to get some sleep while the sun is still rising (or maybe even sneak in a nap?). Now it’s easier to get some shut-eye with one of these quick-and-easy sleep masks (they’ll take you under an hour from start to finish)! I added fun messages to the font of each mask, but you can definitely skip this part, use iron on letters or designs, or use fabric sheets to print images (like eyes) prior to cutting. In fact…. I’m thinking I might make one using a set of eyes from Urban Thread’s Monster Factory. I wonder if I could get Easton to wear one that way so he’ll sleep in and stop getting up with the sun?

2 thoughts on “Get Some Sleep

  1. Kay Adkisson

    I cannot find the directions for the sleep mask. Could you give the address on he web through Bernina. I can’t get it open from your site.

    Thank you,

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