Linky Thursday

Tired of boring tanks this summer? Then turn yours into a grommet racer-back.

Turn plain white rope into an impressive braided doormat.

Perfect for gift giving or just spicing up your kitchen: Ribbon embellished dish towels.

Turn a t-shirt into a little girl’s dress.

I love these hot air balloons – who would have ever guessed they were once light bulbs?

Ready to re-decorate this summer? Check out this easy, but impressive Geometric Quilt Block Pillow that can add a little spice to your room!

When I first saw this tutorial I got excited and said, “Hey, that’s my machine!” Once I got past that, I realized that this was an awesome tutorial on how to make ruffles without a ruffler foot – this a great one to keep in the memory bank (especially since ruffles are so ‘hot’ this summer).

I’m wallet obsessed lately and this one from Modest Maven really caught my eye.

When I first saw this fabric envelope I wasn’t sure how I would ever use it. Then I stumbled across this ‘pick up your toys’ chore selection and think it may be perfect… wonder if it works for teens?

Nothing says ‘summer’ like ice cream, but these adorable cones won’t melt!

The perfect baby shower gift: Baby butterfly toy.