The Silly Shirt

I’ve been debating for quite some time as to if I should get Urban Threads Monster Factory design pack for quite some time – even at 25% off it’s still hard to part with $20+ when you’re really not sure that you’re going to use them very often (although I have tons of ideas). So instead, I decided to buy a few individual designs that I could play with and see how much I wind up using them after all. For my first project I combined ‘happy eyes’ with “mouth with tongue” to make this shirt…. for an added, night-time bonus I used glow-in-the-dark thread for the eyes.

One thing I can say about embellishing children’s clothing: Hooping them is not fun. In fact, this particular one, because of it’s length, was a real booger to work around…. I’m almost thinking it’s easier to embroider fabric first then just stitch up a shirt from scratch! What makes it all worth it? A kid who loves his new ‘silly’ shirt. I’m thinking that I might make a matching plush monster for him in the very near future!

One thought on “The Silly Shirt

  1. Susan

    I, too have been debating the Monster Factory pack at Urban Threads, but I think that shirt talked me into it!! Your model is so stinking cute!!

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