Red Raven

Last week someone asked me to describe my sewing style and I said, “Adventurous”. I think I said this because I’m attracted to sewing with new materials and patternspattern companies or working on projects ‘just because’ (i.e. I may never use the particular item, but just have a strong desire to sew it up anyway). The Raven Mask from Urban Threads is a prime example – I will probably never have an opportunity to wear it, but I had to make it anyway (50% off individual designs pushed me further into getting it). I have always wanted to try out a freestanding lace project, but making a conventional item (like a basket) just really didn’t appeal to me, but when I saw the the mask, I knew this project was calling my name. I hooped up my Bernina with a water soluble stabelizer and red thread and set to work… about 90 minutes later I was ready to wash away all the stabelizer from the thread. After letting it dry overnight, I attached the pieces according to the project instructions – I won’t lie, I had a booger of a time neatly hand-stitching the nose, but I think that everything blends in well enough you don’t notice them when you look at the finished mask. I wound up adding a few rhinestones, feathers, and ribbon ties to complete the look.

Both kids loved this mask, but it was my 4 year-old who had the best suggestion. It should glow-in-the-dark. Consequently, my next project is another mask that glows (I’d also love to see how this mask stitches up in a variegated thread, too). However this time, I’m leaving off the nose piece – not just because it eliminates a ton of hand sewing, but also because I think it’ll be easier for him to wear.