Oilcloth Blanket

One of the best things about summer is having the opportunity to spend time outdoors. Picnics, fireworks, and lounging by the lake are made even better if you’re sitting on a waterproof blanket. What could be even better than that? A blanket that folds up into a tote – perfect for storing picnic accessories, sunscreen, or pool toys plus it’s easy to carry around. Want to know how to make one for yourself? Just check out my latest article in JuneJuly 2012 issue of Sew News.

This project uses oilcloth for the underside of the blanket (the top is cotton fabric) which repels water – so even if the ground is damp, you won’t be! Oilcloth is surprisingly easy to work with – in fact, I think I actually like working with it more than laminated cottons (I found laminated cottons are extremely difficult to topstitch because it’s ‘sticky’, while oilcloth glides through my machine). Even though I give several tips and tricks to working with this material I can’t stress one thing enough: USE PENCIL when marking the material. I thought my magical Marvy marker would be fine since I ‘erased’ the line I had made after measuring. However when I woke up the next morning, I found that even though the line on the wrong side of the material had disappeared, it had ‘soaked’ though to the front. There’s nothing like having to start a project over again because you’ve ruined your fabric!

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