Two Down

This weekend I was able to sew up two of the Tommy Boxer shorts I had on my table. I’d like to say that the sewing went well, but actually, I had lots of ‘issues’ – all of them were my own fault. The biggest issue I had was the elastic waistband. The pattern has you measuring at certain intervals so that the elastic matches up with the markings on the shorts…. I never could get either pair to work out right. I don’t recall having this problem with the other sets that I sewed up, so I’m not quite sure what the problem was. Instead of using the markings, I wound up inserting the elastic into the fly fronts, stitched them down, and then evenly distributed the elastic from there.

The second thing I fudged was the fly front. For what ever reason, I just didn’t feel like following the directions (and I thought I remember what I did on previous sets) so I winged it. I think they turned out o.k. (mainly because the fabric on both of these is so dark, no one will notice), but they just don’t look as ‘professional’ as the other sets I sewed. I’ve decided that my last pair, I’ll follow the directions to the letter – not just because this one is light colored fabric, but also because it’s a gift for my mom and I had giving ‘sloppy work’ to someone when it’s a present. Now tonight…. work on the last pair!

2 thoughts on “Two Down

  1. Betty Barratt

    If you didn’t snitch on yourself, we would never know. 🙂 You look so cute in them and they are very cute as well.

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