The Workout Skirt Solved!

It’s amazing how stretch can really effect the way a garment fits. I managed to ‘solve’ my hot pant dilemma by using a fabric that had 4-way stretch (which was recommended by the pattern envelope if I would have checked first!). Not only does it fit, but is super comfy. The down side? It’s beigenude. I didn’t have anything on hand that was remotely similar to the main fabrics I had chosen and I didn’t have anything black in a 4-way, so I went with something ‘fleshy’. Now that it’s all put together, I’m not sure if that was a good choice or not – when I bend over, you can see the hot pant underneath so I’m pretty sure people will be wondering if I’m even wearing underwear!

The fit is a bit snug – I’m thinking that it’s because the fabric doesn’t have as much stretch as the previous wicking material that I worked with, but overall, I’m pleased with how this turned out – and I love the pocket details on the side of the skirt!

3 thoughts on “The Workout Skirt Solved!

  1. Jessi

    That’s so neat! You did a great job.

    If you aren’t planning on showing people the briefs, and would exhibit similar modesty as if it were a real skirt, I wouldn’t worry too much about using beige material. However, if the workout skirt is designed such that they will show a lot, I, personally, would consider this a wearable muslin, and set to make one with colored briefs. I ice skate, and there is nothing worse than seeing a kid spinning when she is wearing nude color under her skirt. Because you aren’t close enough to tell, it looks like you are staring at a half naked child. I think it makes most bystanders uncomfortable, and if it were me knowing I was being judged that way, I’d be uncomfortable…

    But really cool skirt! I’ve never seen a workout skirt before.

    1. Stacy

      I’ve decided the next one HAS to have the same color briefs. It makes me feel like I shouldn’t bend over, EVER, when I wear this one!

  2. June

    Nice save! I have done exactly that – and no, I never felt comfortable wearing the skort with nude shorts.

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