Hot Pants Dilemma

I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news: I started my skort. You can see from the picture that the front and side panels are attached and the ‘hot pants’ are ready to be attached.

The bad side: The hot pants give my thighs muffin tops. Shortly after I snapped this photo I decided to give them a test fit – I had decided to use elastic around the legs and had a lot of difficulty even pulling them up to mid thigh… so I cut a second pair, this time skipping the elastic and just hemming the legs instead. The fit was better, but still way too tight. Since there isn’t a quick and easy solution to the hot pants (i.e. eliminating the elastic), it looks like I’m back to the drawing board.

Edit: As I sat drinking my morning coffee and mulling over my hot pants dilemma, something occurred to me…. my fabric doesn’t have 4 way stretch. I ran down to my sewing room and sure enough, the pattern recommends a 4-way! Unfortunately, this means my hot pant will not be the same color(s) as the main pieces, but on the bright side, I know it will fit (or at least I hope so). The moral of the story? Always read your fabric recommendations before you start sewing (and if you run into trouble, mull over your problem with a great cup of joe)!

2 thoughts on “Hot Pants Dilemma

  1. June

    I have made the pants portion of KwikSew 3341. They were much more like shorts than hot pants, with no binding. The rise was high on me, though (I am short, 5’4″). Good luck!

  2. Betty Barratt

    The skort is very cute. Maybe instead of trying to match the color of the skort, get a color like black and maybe add a black stripe (or whatever the color) down the white stripe. I don’t know much really, just off the top of my head thinking. Hugs

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