Linky Thursday

Not only do I love the shape of this Retro Travel Bag – the color combination and chevron stripes are to die for!

It’s amazing what a little bleach pen can do for a shirt.

One of the easiest ways to keep your sewing machine running smoothly is to keep it clean and dust free. Help with this process by making a new machine cover.

My neighbor has a new set of bows in her daughter’s hair almost every time I see her… and apparently they’re quite expensive. Instead of spending lots of cash at the store, learn how to make your own.

Traveling this summer? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this Airplane Pillow Cover tutorial – it’s snuggly soft when you’re needing an in-flight nap!

I think I’d approach the construction a bit differently, but I love the concept of turning a blanket into a Weekender Tote. This Feedsack Messenger has a similar feel.

Something every little boy would want: a felt truck. The best part? If they throw it, it doesn’t break (or hurt)!

My son was a swaddler. Even though he ‘demanded’ to be wrapped up tight, he still managed to wiggle his way out of the blanket. I think there would have been no way that he could have gotten himself out of this one: Peanut Swaddler.

Looking for a fun, summery dress for your little girl? This halter dress not only looks easy to make, but has a fun ruffle and lots of ‘twirl’ appeal.

Teacher appreciation week begins May 7. If you’re still stumped what to get, check out this Summer Relaxation Kit (& printable) – it’s adorable although there’s no sewing involved (but you could easily make your own beach bag, like this one from Elle Apparel).