Happy Home

I’m torn. I really want to like Happy Home: Twenty Sewing and Craft Projects to Pretty Up Your Home – it’s beautiful to look at, the fabrics are vibrant and are beautifully photographed, but once I looked past all this, I realized, a majority of the projects in this book really aren’t my style. While I love decorations, I can never see myself making giant Pom Pom Party Poofs & Garland, vintage banners, baskets covered in faux flowers, or hanging a canopy over my bed. The rest of the projects may be something I might contemplate making as a gift, but a bulk of them are not so unusual that you couldn’t find a free tutorial somewhere on the internet.

With that said, I think I’m ‘shelving’ this one. I may pull it out in a pinch, but I can’t see myself using this as a ‘go-to’ book for future projects. I’m not giving up on Jennifer Paganelli – I love her patterns (in fact, I’m seriously considering making the Lucy Halter), but I think I’ll hold out on a book just for women (dresses, bags, etc.).