Sick Day

Ahhh, illness. It’s been running through our house like a madman since Easter. It seems as if everyone has been getting a nasty viral infection that as resulted in visits to the doctor for one reason or another and apparently, it’s my turn. Consequently, I’ve got nothing ready for today. I will say that I did manage to make my way to Needle Nook Fabrics earlier in the week for new wick-away material (for those that are interested, she has several colors: hot pink, purple, and several shades of blue) so that I can start on Jalie 2796 with a matching zippered top (incidentally, the colors are very similar to the skort model on the pattern envelope) once my medicine starts kicking in. I’ll be posting more information on this project along with my swimsuit progress and a book review early next week – I’ve got some catching up to do!

One thought on “Sick Day

  1. Betty Barratt

    Been sick myself, Stacy. Hope you feel better soon. My next project FINALLY is the name pillows. I am excited to make them for my grand sons, all 4 of them. I have 18 mo old twins who like “Despicable Me”, but they call the movie “Minions.” I could not find fabric for this, but did find a Tshirt with a transfer on it I’m going to use, and also found a transfer on Ebay. My 6 yr old just wrapped up his 1st season of soccer and he will tell you he just likes kicking the ball, so I got some really cute Kelly Green “Kickin It” soccer ball fabric, and my 9 yr old really likes the Angry Birds. That one was impossible to find as well in just a fabric, so I went with a transfer. As soon as I get my energy back, I’m cutting fabric and getting these done. Thank you for the inspiration and link to this pattern to download. Hugs

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