My daughter offered up my sewing services to her friend who was in need of some dress alterations for their upcoming musical production. While I don’t mind making a dress from scratch, I really don’t like making alterations to ready-to-wear clothing…. I even dread having to sew buttons back on! Instead of having to make some substantial changes to the bodice, I came up with an easy solution: straps. Not only did this pull up the bodice so it wasn’t sliding down, but it solved her having to find a cardigan to cover up the strapless design (they wanted 1″ or larger straps to all dresses for this number). Fortunately she had a matching sash to the dress that was the perfect width for straps, plus there was plenty left over for a pretty ribbon rosette (you can find instructions for making your own here). Now I’m wondering, what’s Taylor going to have me do for her costume?

2 thoughts on “Alterations

  1. Lori

    I so agree with you, alterations are not fun. I had to alter Kaitlyn’s dress this year, compared to sewing an entire garment, not so fun.

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