Maxi Skirt Tutorial

Once again, Maxi Skirts are hot this season. Why spend money at a department store on one when you can try out my latest tutorial at WeAllSew! Making your own maxi skirt is remarkably easy – you just need a few quick measurements, a couple yards of material, and an hour of your time and in the end you get a skirt that fits you like a glove!

Just a few comments about this tutorial: This skirt is designed so that you do not need elastic around the waistband (that way if you have a shirt you want to wear tucked into it, you still have a pretty waistline), but you could easily add some during construction if you so desire. Because of the lack of elastic, it’s very important to take precise measurements so enlist the help of a friendspousesignificant other when you take yours. It’s ok if you’re a bit too small on your measurement (because the fabric stretches it will still fit you well), but going ‘too big’ will make this skirt fall off you you while you’re wearing it. The fabric you choose is also important – look for a light-weight (too beefy will create a bulky looking skirt) knit that has good stretch and recovery (when you stretch the fabric to quickly bounces back into it’s original position). For those of you wondering where I got this fabric: Joann‘s (they had a great selection of jersey in a wide assortment of colors – this seemed to have the ‘springiest’ vibe)

Have other questions, comments, etc? Be sure to let me know!