My Cuppa

As much as I love to sew, I think I can say that I am equally in love with embroidery. I’ve spent a little bit of time playing with my machine, but I haven’t really worked on a lot of ‘finished projects’. Last night I completed one – Urban Thread’s Cuppa Tea teatowel. I picked this one for several reasons: 1) I really wanted to use a design that wasn’t in the machine so I could try uploading designs from a flash drive, 2) I’ve never used an Urban Threads design and really wanted to see how they stitched up (this one was free), and 3) I wanted something large (come to find out the 4.83″w x 6.33″h design still doesn’t fill up the hoop – that’s one big hoop!) with several colors that I could ‘swap’ out from the original.

Overall, things went very smoothly and I’m really pleased with the end result! Not only did the Urban Threads design stitch out beautifully, but I totally appreciate the automatic thread cutter on the machine. Now, what can I embellish next?

4 thoughts on “My Cuppa

  1. Beth

    That really came out beautifully, Stacy! While I have tended to put my nose up about machine embroidery, since I love hand embroidery, a recent demo gave me cause to rethink my uppity attitude. The new machines are pretty darn amazing — you’re a lucky girl to have that new sewing machine!

    1. Stacy

      They really are amazing – it’s amazing how much it’s improved in even the past 7 or 8 years since I really used one. I think I’m totally hooked!

  2. Susan

    That is so cute all stitched out. Urban Threads designs always stitch very nicely, as do designs from Embroidery Library at Emb Library has awesome deals too, be sure to get on their email list!

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