Linky Thursday

If Coco Chanel carried a tote bag, this would be it (Learn how to make one for yourself).

This kids to-do list might make crossing work of their list fun. Now do they have a teenager themed one?

Bring a little spring into your sewing room with this sweet birdy pincushion.

The weather is gorgeous outside – perfect for gardening. Start off your outside work with a new apron.

Transform your favorite stuffed animal into a backpack!

Have 4 squares of fabric? Then you can make a new top in no time flat!

Making napkins for your holiday table? Learn how to fold them into little bunnies.

I love this heart bag – I never would have guessed that it was puff paint!

Learn how to make a full, gathered skirt – perfect for spring (or twirling).

Looking for a great basket stuffer? How about an art caddy?

Even though Easton hasn’t seen all the movie, he’s really into Star Wars. I wonder how he’d feel about a Lightsaber Bolster in his room?

There’s no sewing involved. In fact there’s not even any fabric, but I can’t help but share this fun idea: Glow in the dark Easter Eggs.

A great pair of shorts for boys with front and back pockets – these look just like something you’d find at Old Navy!

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