The night before our neighbor’s birthday party for their daughter, I decided that maybe a pillow wasn’t quite enough. So with the 1/2 yard of material that I had left over, I decided to find something else that might make a good present. I sifted though all my books and decided on an art smock from (the original) One-Yard Wonders. Since I was in a timefabric crunch I had to make a few modifications to the finished design. First off, I was several inches shy of being able to make the front pocket so I wound up omitting it (I decided putting a contrasting pocket just didn’t work with this material). I also omitted the bias binding – I just didn’t have any on hand and didn’t want to have to go to the store to pick some up. Instead, I serged the edges and folded them down. I think it worked! The last change I made was adding a closure to the smock. The directions doesn’t have you adding any and after test fitting it on Easton, I found that it kept wanting to fly open when he leaned over or made too big of arm movements. Consequently, I added two sets of ties: one around the neckline, the other halfway down. Overall, a quick to sew up pattern, but I have to admit, it really is designed for 4T and under – although it fits width wise, it’s a bit short on length…. which might not work well if you’re working on a messy project!

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