I am happy to say that my Jessica dress is almost finished! From test fitting this garment, I can say that it does look nice on (so I think that I picked the right pattern size for me), although the hem length needs to be modified a bit because it is way too long on my short little body. Before I can do that, though I really need to get rid of the static cling that is in this fabric because it’s really hard to see how well it’s fitting in certain areas because it’s wrapping itself around my body so much! Aren’t there products out there that you can spray that helps with this (I’ve never really had this problem with my fabric until this year)?

4 thoughts on “Static

  1. CGCouture

    I recently heard about using some aluminum foil in the dryer to stop static. I have no idea if it really works, but it’s worth a try and cheaper than the spray stuff.

  2. bernadette

    Static cling happens mostly in the dry, wintery season and is usually not a problem once warmer moister weather returns. A short term solution that usually works for me is to use extra hand lotion on my hands and then gently glide the “extra” over the clingy fabric. If it might show on the right side of the fabric, I do it on the wrong side of the fabric, and also between any layers (lining, slip, etc).

    The store-bought, anti cling sprays are expensive, bad to breathe, and don’t work any better. The purpose of either method is to de-ionize the surface fibers.

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