Jessica Day 2

I tried several times this morning to get a good photo of the Jessica Dress progress, but right now, it looks like a jumbled mess of fabric. So, instead, I thought I would share some thoughts of Style Arc because I know so many of you are interest in what they’re like, etc.

There are two types of patterns you can purchase from Style Arc, “white paper patterns” which you must cut out & pin to your fabri and “brown paper patterns” which are a heavy, precut card stock type pattern that you use patterns weights with. I purchased the white paper pattern (although I can see springing for the brown if you intend on making a lot of the same design) and the weight is fabulous: think a firm, butcher paper. I didn’t have any problems pinning the pattern to the fabric nor did I experience any rips or tears in the paper while working with it. The pieces for this design are also ‘full sized’ I didn’t have to fold the fabric in half, etc. which made it nice if you intend on fussy cuttingpattern matching your material.

The instructions are minimal, so it’s important to have some background in sewing because individual instructions are not ‘stepped out’ like you see with “The Big 4” patterns – they assume you have an understanding of construction, pattern layout, sewing terms, etc. Additionally, there are not illustrations on each step – however, on the more difficult parts of this pattern, there are some drawings which I found very helpful.

Also keep in mind the difficulty rating of the pattern you select. This one is rated “Challenging”, no doubt because of the twist in the front bodice…. even though I’ve made twist tops before, I still put this one together wrong (twice) until I went back and re-read the directions! I suspect that the easy patterns really are easy to put together though and might be a great way to introduce yourself to this brand.

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  1. Elaray

    I’ve ben eyeing Style Arc patterns for quite some time. There are several designs I like. And many of the designs are graded up to a plus size range. The only thing holding me back is the shipping cost. I understand the patterns are shipping from Australia. I selected four patterns and total cost would have been over $90 including over $30 for shipping (and a free pattern of course). I’m not ready to spend that much money yet, although I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I take the plunge.

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