Linky Thursday

I want to make this shirt – right down to the awesome pink and red stripes.

Learn how to create and sew your own leggings, perfectly customized to your body’s measurements.

There’s no need to keep those plastic checkbook covers, instead make your own quick and easy fabric version!

A cool, new take on a fanny pack: The Hipslinger.

A perfect way to stay to keep everything together: a wallet organizer. I like the mini notepad in this one.

If all else fails, use glitter. Transform your tootsies with these sparkly shoes.

Perfect for work or a night out, the Alligator Skirt.

I’ve seen lots of sharpie tie dye tutorials lately. I like this one because it not only gets the kids involved, but shows a good end result depending on your ‘coloring’ method.

I won’t tell my daughter that Janome makes a Hello Kitty sewing machine. Although, I will enter to win one (maybe I’ll get lucky)!

A simple pillow tutorial made even cuter by adding bunting and vinyl stencils!

Carry your groceries home with a cute little shopper. Grab the instructions and pattern for free!

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