One-Yard Project Teaser

Well, I did it. I submitted something to the third installment of One-Yard Wonders (you can see a little teaser on the left). I haven’t been able to contribute to previous books because of the timing so I’m anxious to see where this all goes – worse comes to worse and it doesn’t get accepted you all may be getting a freebie tutorial on the site! Overall, I think the prototype came together well, although the finished size was much larger than what I had envisioned. Consequently, I had to go back an tweak the instructions a bit, but all-in-all, I’m pleased with how it turned out.

So is anyone else giving this one a whirl? I know it’s still (very) early, but it looked as if only a handful of people have submitted projects so far…..

6 thoughts on “One-Yard Project Teaser

  1. Betty Barratt

    I like what I see so far and such a cute fabric. I’m not quite ready to design my own anything yet no matter how much yardage I have, lol. I think in time I will be but for now I love, love, love what you find and share with us. Thank you

  2. Kris C.

    I like it already, just because I love the fabric! (I have that fabric, too – my Things 1&2 will be getting some summer jammies out of it.)

    1. Stacy

      What a cute idea! I have to say, I love those Seuss fabrics – they are so much fun and the kids seem to like to ‘wear the book’!

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