Cardi Pt. 1

I’ll admit, this weekend I spread myself thin, but I did manage to make it into the sewing room to work a bit on McCall 5713… and now I think I don’t care for it. I washed the material prior to sewing (to make sure that it didn’t shrink after wearing). Doing this gave it an incredible amount of ‘cling’ so not only has it been difficult to work with, but when I tried the cardigan on, it seems to have an unusual fit (because it sticks to my clothes). Even though I like the print and the fabric in general, I just don’t think I care for it with this pattern – I think it seems to age me. I’m going to forge ahead and work on the neck band and seams to finish this cardigan off and then I’ll play with what clothing might work well with it to make it a bit more youthful.

2 thoughts on “Cardi Pt. 1

  1. Zaneta

    Hi Stacy,

    I can understand why you selected the print…it is really lovely. I can see some black tights/fitted black tank tee with this cardi and knee high heel boots…with a black belt to cinch the waist?not sure if a wide or narrow belt but I think it will give the cardi a different look? a black tote bag some hoop silver earrings?…hehe I think you could make it work.

    Kind Regards


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