There are times that I’m easily distracted. This weekend, I put aside my McCall cardigan to work on a new project for We All Sew. I was really anxious to test out my instructions (I tend to write down my ideas first, then sew them up according to what I’ve written down) and was happy with my end result. I was also presently surprised by the quality of the jersey I picked up with Joann’s – not only did it have a beautiful hand, but it sewed up really well. If they continue like this, they may renew my faith in their non-woven fabrics.

I also managed to draft up a tentative project for the next installment of One-Yard Wonders. I haven’t attempted to write anything for the previous titles so we’ll see where this goes. I’m hoping to make a test run in the next week… worse comes to worse, Easton will have a new _____. Anyone else giving this a go?

2 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Karen

    I have this book, but haven’t had the time to make anything out of it. I’m all about that Bajoran uniform and tribbles this week!

  2. Zaneta

    Hi Stacy, How are you? I love this skirt the WB looks amazing… guess what I finally got around to making the other day…Duro Dress just have to sew in the facing to the waistband… it has only been around 5 years since I bought the pattern… can’t wait to see your finished product.

    Kind Regards


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