I Jinxed Myself

I jinxed myself. Right after I mentioned that we hadn’t had much of a winter (and ready to move onto spring projects), it starts snowing. The cold breeze, fluffy winter coats, and piles of snow on the ground got me back into the mood of sewing something cozy…. something new just in time for the weekend.

So I searched though my stash and came up with a new project. Last year, at the end of winter, I picked up a fabulous sweater knit jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics. I knew that I wanted to make some sort of cardiganwrapjacket pattern, but was never motivated to use it (until now) because it just hasn’t been cold enough. I also pulled out McCall 5713 (now OOP) and decided that this would be the perfect design for this material. I plan on using view A (even though C looks fabulous) because I’m only working with 2 yards of this fabric… let’s hope it doesn’t shrink in the wash!

What is everyone else working on now that it’s decided to turn ‘cold’?

Project Details:

Pattern: McCall 5713, View A

Sweater knit jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics

Materials & Cost:

4 thoughts on “I Jinxed Myself

  1. Betty

    That wrap is going to be very pretty. Look forward to seeing finished.
    Yesterday, in my husbands words, I “whipped up” something for him to carry his new Kindle Fire in. Well, 4 hours later, I had it done, but I was only working off of a picture from Quiltingboard.com. I used fabric I’ve had for years and it turned out OK, not gorgeous, but he likes it.
    Today I will start my yoga tote. I think I got that pattern from one of your links, so thank you if that’s the case. Hugs

    1. Stacy

      Nice job getting that project done in 4 hours! I’m impressed (especially since you’re just working off a picture)!

      I have a yoga mat tote on this week’s too. I think I just like the look of those bags – they always look like a fun project to make.

  2. Beth

    Looks so yummy!!!

    I’ve been pulling my hair out (guess I’ll be bald soon!) with the jammies project. How come the Schmetz needles don’t tell you really, really what the darn numbers actually mean? I had to get on the computer and google an answer for flannel. Sheesh.

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