Where Did Winter Go?

I’m beginning to feel like we’re never going to have a proper winter. A majority of the time we’re running round in light-weight jackets so my idea of stitching up a heavy-weight coat (like this one from Ottobre Woman) seems sort of impractical. Consequently, I think I’m moving on to…. spring! The person who really needs a new wardrobe is Easton so I’m starting off with Jalie 2918 (my go to pattern for guys) and using a recycled t-shirt that Taylor didn’t want anymore. This is a fun Green Day tee that has a graphic on the front and the back and I think it’ll be perfect for this pattern (plus Easton liked the design, a lot). It also means that it’s time to trace out another shirt size for him – that boy is growing like a weed!

I’m also contemplating picking up Jalie 3137. I’ve looked all over for a review of this pattern and couldn’t find any. Anyone stitch this design up, yet?

2 thoughts on “Where Did Winter Go?

  1. Betty

    where I live, it’s more like when is winter coming? I think we had maybe 4 days that felt like winter but for the most part, it’s not even sweater weather here in the day. (southern CA)

    1. stacy

      We had a ‘wintery mix’ the other day: you could make out some snowflakes, but nothing really stuck. It’s ok, though, last winter we were having snow days from school because of the frigged temperatures so this is an ok trade off!

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