Pretty Dress or Adorable Apron?

When you use a downloadable pattern from a personal website, it’s a crapshoot as to what you might get. I took a gamble on FleeceFun’s Thankful Apron because the finished apron design was very cute and it had a professional looking pattern print out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as impressed with the instructions. Not only were they a bit ‘skimpy’ (a good example is sewing the apron skirt: it mentions sewing the sides, never the hem. Either this is an omission or the author just assumes you’ll know to eventually do this?) but they were a little confusing – I had to read several parts of the instructions several times to get the drift of what I was supposed to do. There are also numerous spelling errors which leads me to believe that there was little to no proofreading before it was published. Speaking of errors, if you decide to add the ‘belt’ in the middle of the apron, you’ll need to cut a third waist tie, not the neck strap (the neck strap isn’t long enough).

Putting aside all the ‘issues’ I had with this tutorial, the finished design did turn out really cute. I love how the neck strap is tied on the side and I think that the Amy Butler fabric works really well with the gingham check print (which I also used for this apron) – when you put them together they really have a romantic and fun Valentine vibe. The best part? This apron looks so much like a pretty dress, everyone will be thinking you’ve dressed up when you wear it!

5 thoughts on “Pretty Dress or Adorable Apron?

  1. Sarah

    It sure turned out pretty! I hate those patterns that skip instructions. I just made a recipe that didn’t tell what temperature to bake the item in! Grr.

  2. Betty

    this is really adorable. I can see it as a dress. Do you have ideas on converting this design to a dress?

    For unclear instructions, you did this apron proud.

    1. stacy

      Thanks you all! I think you could fiddle with the front pattern and use it as a back and make a full skirt… although I it might be easier to find a pattern with some cute straps and just convert it to this style (it’s essentially one long strap and one short one).

  3. Angel Hickman Peterson

    Your Apron looks great! Sorry for the difficulty with the instructions. I’ve tweaked a few things and hopefully that will help. There also is a new video tutorial to help also. It’s always good to get feedback on things like this so I can improve instructions and design!

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