That Was Fast

If I had known that this Vogue top was going to sew up so quickly, I would have gotten up early on Saturday morning (before all the hustle and bustle of the day) so that I could wear it later on that evening. It really was easy to put together and I’ve got to say, looks great on. I do think that it is a bit too large (just a bit too much ease for my taste) in the midsection of the top, right under the bust – but since the fabric is so light and drapey, it works. If I make it again with a beefier material, I think I’ll trim this area down some – I think it would just make me look ‘bulky’ otherwise. I highly recommend this one – even for beginners!

5 thoughts on “That Was Fast

  1. Stephanie Danko

    Hi Stacy! Love the top! I’m curious…do you think this top makes you look busty or minimizes you? I am bigger on top, so when I saw the pattern picture, I thought it wouldn’t work for me because of the bust area, but seeing it sewn-up, I’m thinking maybe it would!

    Also, what did Taylor think of the Jalie top you did in the previous post? I think my tween girls would like that one alot…always searching for something for that age!

    1. Stacy

      I don’t think that this top makes me look busty – even though the cowl is a longer length, it doesn’t show cleavage and doesn’t seem to attract attention there either. I would say stick with a looser, drapey fabric because a bulky material might change the look completely.

      My daughter loved the top and the style. I think your girls would like it too! I agree, tweenteen clothes are difficult to find patterns for!

  2. bernadette

    Looks great! What a fun fabric. I bet that extra ease is there because of the under-bust seam, which would restict stretch?

      1. bernadette

        True- it might not matter much if you use really stretchy fabric. You could try the closer fit by basting or pinning your cable version to the fit you like and seeing if you can still easily get it on and off. (I have wide-ish shoulders and have had a few minor panic attacks in store fitting rooms when a garment gets “stuck” at my shoulders.)

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