You know how you work on a project and it just seems ‘jinxed’ from the get-go? That would be this striped top. While the final outcome looks alright, I had lots of ‘hidden’ issues with this version of the Jalie hoodie top…. all because of those darn stripes. Somehow my fabric got wonky so one sleeve is ‘off’. Something also happened to the back of the top when I cut it and it’s slightly off too which make the hem look slightly lopsided if you look very closely. And then, of course, you have the pocket facing issue. The moral of the story? Don’t use a stripe.

With all that said, I do like this top. It’s fun, comfortable, and different than anything I currently have in my wardrobe… I just might not admit that I made this one considering how many errors I made!

7 thoughts on “Problems

  1. CGCouture

    I think it turned out cute, so I suppose even if you don’t admit to making it, you can still get the warm fuzzy feeling over the compliments that you’re bound to get. 😉

  2. Laura

    It looksjust fine in the pic…I say just move around a lot while wearing it and no one will notice the problems that only you see anyhow! And I dare you to try stripes again…you can improve if you want to!

  3. Leesa

    I agree with everyone too. But I also agree that it is bothersome to make something that we think is not our best work. Even if you do point out the flaws I believe most people would not even know what you are talking about. Cute top even in stripes.

  4. Betty

    I squinted very hard and didn’t see anything but a very cute hoodie. I say when those compliments come, speak up and say “thankyou, I made it”.

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