I’m sure everyone who sews does it. They see a particular material and it just calls to them. Alright, I admit, I do that a lot, but over the years I’ve realized that there are a few fabrics that I’m really attracted to: anything with faces, writing, or newsprint…. and this one from TheFabricFariy had all three. How could I resist? (I also got the Tokidoki Stylish Girls print too… again, faces) But this entry really isn’t about my fabric purchase, so much as it is asking for some pattern brainstorming ideas. You see, I’m stuck. This print reminds me so much of the fabric I got a long time ago (2006) and used to make a Jalie Crossover top (which is probably one of my all time favorite shirts, unfortunately it doesn’t fit anymore) that this is the only pattern I can envision using.

So, does anyone have any favorite patterns or seen anything that would work to create a funky, fresh top?

2 thoughts on “Brainstorming

  1. Sarah

    Great fabric. Can you find a different size of the Jalie pattern? What about one of those cool raglan tees that you make? I’ve never made a shirt so I don’t have good ideas.

    1. Stacy

      I can resize the Jalie – I was leaning toward making another one since mine doesn’t fit. A raglan would be awesome too! Thanks!

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