I Want To Be A Cowboy

Next week, Easton’s school is having a “Cowboy Day”. All the kids have the opportunity to dress up like a cowboycowgirl – this, of course, gives me the perfect chance to make something for ‘dress up’! We settled on a black cowboy hat, McCall 2851, and a couple of faux suede fabrics for a vest and chaps. Yes folks, I said chaps.

Needless to say, I’m putting my striped hoodie aside to work on this – I’m hoping that I’m not sewing this one up late (next) Monday night just to get it finished! Here’s all the details for this project:

Project Details:

Pattern: McCall 3132

Faux cow skin suede from Hobby Lobby

Faux brown suede from Hobby Lobby

Materials & Cost:

7 thoughts on “I Want To Be A Cowboy

  1. Elaray

    Wow! Cowboy Day! That sounds like fun! Why couldn’t we have dress-up days like that when I was a girl? I guess it was too much trouble moving the stone tablets out of the way!

    Anyway, that’s just the type of project I would have sunk my teeth into when my DD was that age. Have fun!

    1. Stacy

      They’re doing a big Kansas day celebration tomorrow (where they get to make a cake, etc.) – it sounded like so much fun, I want to go!

  2. Betty

    I only remember dress up days for senior year in high school. I look forward to seeing your finished work on your little guy. Hugs

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