New To The Stash

After a successful Jalie hoodie, I thought that I would do some shopping to (potentially) find fabric to make a solid, short sleeved version. Instead, I came home with 3 prints – none of which are intended to make a hoodie! The first fabric is a fun stripe material (black to white stripe repeat) from Needle Nook Fabrics – I can see making this one into a shirt, but would like to avoid long sleeves so I don’t have to do a lot of matching of stripes. The other two fabrics are from Sew Much. The blue Jennifer Paganelli print will eventually become a pair of Tommy Boxers, while the purplewhiteblack swirl has a spring dress vibe to it.

I also received (and shopped) my gift certificate that I won to Shabby Fabrics. I used it to buy a gorgeous quilt pattern called Meg’s Garden (from my current favorite designer), but after reading over the directions, I might not be prepared to stitch this one up soon. While the applique is pretty straightforward, the stipplingmeandering stitch my be a little more ‘advanced’. I think I’m going to have to spend some time practicing with my BSR stitch regulator before I work on something so large.

2 thoughts on “New To The Stash

  1. Sarah

    This may go against your grain, but why not pay a quilt shop to do the stippling? That way you don’t run out of zip doing a project that looks fun to you. Even if you do have that nice stitch regulator!

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