Half Way There

I was really hoping that I would be much further along in my second version of Jalie 3132, but I haven’t had much time to devote to sewing this week so, the photo on the left is all that I have to show for now. It still need all the hems set and a hood before it’s complete – right now it looks a lot like a scrub top with a kangaroo pocket. I’m hoping that adding the hood (also black) will tone down all that print… it’s really pink and very Hello Kitty at the moment.

A few things I discovered sewing this version:
If you use a small enough adult pattern size (this one was a ‘T’), you can squeeze this top (short sleeves, hip length) out with 1 yard of fabric so long as you use a contrast for the pocket and hood… it does take some planning, so be prepared to ‘map’ everything out before you cut.

The kangaroo pocket takes longer than you expect to assemble. While the sides are completed with self fabric, there’s still lots of pressing, folding and placement to deal with. This may just be ‘me’, though because I seemed to spend a great deal of time measuring everything to make sure it was even.

3 thoughts on “Half Way There

  1. Katherine

    Ha, I have that same kitty print, although maybe not, mine is in a jersey that seems too thin to support a pocket. I turned it into under-skirt-shorts for my girls. Always fun to see the same print turn up somewhere else!

    1. Stacy

      Katherine, It could be – it’s pretty thin for a jersey, but not ‘paper thin’… the black is definitely a heavier weight.

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