Linky Thursday

Ruffles are still hot in ready-to-wear, why not put a few on you bag. This awesome (Anthro knock-off) bag will teach you how.

Speaking of ruffles, learn how to make an Asymmetrical Ruffle party dress using pre-made ruffles.

This skirt has some very interesting details to it. Use just the right fabrics and this one could be a show stopper.

This Australian quilt designer may be my favorite artist at the moment. Check out her work for yourself and learn how to sew up this fabulous Rocket Ship Pillow for the boys or Flower Garden version for the girls.

I love this mini-pocketbook – especially the pen holder… I can never find one when I need it!

If you have a stroller with a removable canopy, you can learn how to make a new one. What a great way to give a new look to baby gear (especially after multiple kids)!

Need some Good Fortune this year (the fabric line, not luck!)? Learn how to win a bundle for yourself!

I think I’m partial to ‘hobo’ style bags because I had a really awesome purple mesh one in the ’80’s. I may have to put this one on my must sew list. (I may have had a notebook like this as well).

Headbands seem to be super popular at my daughter’s school. Why pay $10 a pop when you can make one in 10 minutes and for around $1? (No sewing is required, but you can definitely replace the glue with needle and thread)

Did your daughter get a baby this Christmas? Has she been asking for new diapers to change her? Skip the store and make your own!

This apron may be designed with the holidays in mind, but I could totally see it made is some adorable Valentine fabrics!

I don’t know why I never thought of making some of these fabulous DIY Leather Ring Bracelets (another no sew project), I seem to have everything on hand to make them…. plus they look very stylish!

Who said keeping your ears warm meant sacrificing style? Make a pair of fur earmuffs.

Sometimes you don’t want to have to carry a list – instead write it on you bag with this Trendy Chalkboard Tote.

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