More One Yard Wonders

I’ll admit it, my favorite type of sewing books are the ones packed with projects. So it’s probably no surprise that Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders was high on my wishlist. Since Santa didn’t put this in my stocking this year, I wound up ordering it after Christmas (note to self, it takes forever for items to arrive around the holidays) and was floored at how huge it was when it arrived! This book has over 100 projects that uses all sorts of fabrics – wools, flannels, cottons, laminatesoilcloth, knits, fleece and more…. I think I may have picked a project from each category to try out! Some of my favorites include: The Organizer Wallet, Kid’s Comfy Chair (I am amazed that you can make a chair with one yard of fabric), umbrella redo (this can be seen on the cover of the book), and the Pig & Piglets (this is from the same pattern designer). Although there aren’t difficult ratings for these projects, I would say most are geared toward the beginner to intermediate sewers (even the umbrella seems pretty straightforward and easy to sew). There’s also a handy reference at the beginning of each section that gives tips and trick on how to cut, sew, and care for each fabric type.

Although this book seems ‘perfect’ there is one big drawback. There are lots of projects geared toward children. If you don’t have any young ones in your house (or intend on sewing for some), this greatly diminishes the useable number of items you can sew up in this book. This book is also heavy on bagstoteswalletsorganizers so if this isn’t something you care to sew up either, you may want to rethink this title.

The Bottom Line: A good title to have on your bookshelf especially if you have young children in the house. Perfect for beginner sewers who are looking to expand their project range to items that are not just made of cottonswovens.

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  1. Betty

    Pat on the back to me for figuring how to reply to your posts Stacy. Should have figured it out much sooner.
    Anyway, I have this book on my wish list with Amazon. I’m about to tackle a few projects from you Thursday Links.
    Have a good weekend. 🙂 Betty

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