2011 Year In Review

Last year I kept a journal of all the projects that I completed in one year. I really didn’t think that I could top what I did in 2010, but when I looked back at my notebook for this year, I was floored. I worked on 154 projects! Here’s some of the things I worked on:

16 WeAllSew projects. 10 of them were of my own design including the Billboard Messenger and Mug Rug patterns. I also drafted patternswinged it for 65 projects – 7 of them being various forms of Box Bags, 6 “Little Black Dress” aprons, 3 Candy Cauldrons (I like to make them as gift baskets), lots of baby goodies, and my very favorite tutorial of the year, The Corseted Skirt.

Blythe was a very lucky girl as she received 15 clothing items in her wardrobe. I didn’t count the numerous prototypes for a raglan shirt that I’ve been trying to draft and will eventually nail (I’ll publish a tutorialpattern when I do). Look for a few more items in 2012 as I finally feel comfortable sewing in miniature.

14 projects were from miscellaneous website tutorials. I found that if I had a good outcome, I made several of the same item. Some of my favorites were Plush Bunny Peeps, Casserole Carriers, and Fat Quarter Gift Bags.

I made 27 items from ‘Independent Designer’ patterns. Jamie Christina came out the winner with her Dalliance Glove and Mission Maxi designs, although I made just as many Personalized Name Pillows and Jalie garments this year as well. Rounding out this category were several Amy Butler bags and Hot Pattern tops (no doubt in 2012 I will be sewing up their Deceptively Skinny Patchwork Skirt).

I didn’t leave out the “Big Design” companies either. I made 13 different projects from their patterns as well. Apparently my favorite companies are Kwik Sew and McCall because most of my items came from these two.

I didn’t leave out my sewing books either. I searched through my project books and came up with 6 different projects. Two of my more heavily used titles included Sew What! Bags and Weekend Sewing.

Let’s not forget the 5 recons I worked on! I made several shirts for and article that appeared in AugSept issue Sew News, “It Takes Two” (blending two shirts into a completely new one) as well as several shirt-to-sleeper gifts for baby showers.

Whew! Even though just looking at this list made me tired, I’m ready for a new year of sewing… I even have a new notebook ready to go!

5 thoughts on “2011 Year In Review

  1. Susan

    Thank you for sharing them with us! Every day I look forward to checking out what you are working on, you are an inspiration. Happy New Year!!

  2. Aimey

    I feel like we got a bonus “linky” day! Thanks for sharing all you do.
    One of my favorite New Year’s activities of all time is to make a list of projects I would like to complete in the coming year, that is the project I will be doing tonight and have looked forward to it for weeks now!
    Happy 2012!

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