Shop ‘Till You Drop

My children had a hole burning in their pockets so we had to spend a majority of yesterday shopping with Christmas money (even the 3 year old was excited to shop). That, of course, dipped into my sewing time so all I accomplished was this:

Aside from sifting through the stash to find ‘the right fabrics’ for another pillow, I also traced and fused the lettering to the pillow. Just a side note, if your fingernails are recently clipped or broken off, it’s extremely difficult to peel the paper backing off of Wonder Under. I think I spent more time trying to remove it than what I did on the project already!

Today it’s time to applique the letters and attach the boarder. Since the pillow looks like it might be a little small (short names definitely make for a more squarish shape), I’ve decided to make a thicker boarder so the pillow doesn’t look so puny once it’s finished. What is everyone else working on?

3 thoughts on “Shop ‘Till You Drop

  1. Frambooske

    Looks good! You’re very brave taking them all out to the sales!! I’m working on a little toddler dress and thinking about organising a little give-away in the new year.

    1. Stacy

      They really wanted to go – I thought it wouldn’t be as busy as what it turned out to be, too (at least no one seemed to mind)! OOOh, a giveaway! 🙂

  2. Karin

    I really like the color combination! I am not working on anything right now. My family is here to visit and my sewing machine is packed away! That however does not prevent me from planning my next few projects 🙂

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