Sushi Playset

My son made his Christmas list and apparently he’s sticking with it. Quite awhile ago, he noticed this sushi playset and mentioned it again just a few days ago. While it’s really cute it’s fairly expensive and really chunky (it seems like it would be hard to play with) so I decided I would make my own. Instead of coming up with my own pattern, I decided to use this one instead – it’s ‘plush’, realistically sized, and I had all the materials on hand. Here’s what I came up with:

Even though the pattern set includes a tray, bowl of soy, teapot and cups, and even an orchid, all I was interested in was the sushi pieces. I started off with the rolls… in the midst of sewing the second one, I regretted not buying the chunky wood set. I’ve got to admit, I really don’t like hand sewing and since that’s what all this set is I got really frustrated stitching it up. After sewing 4 pieces, a dollop of wasabi, and a few slices of ginger I called it quits. Fortunately they fit perfectly on the tray (whew, I didn’t have to make more) that I already had on hand. Now that it’s wrapped up, I’m happy with the end results and I think Easton will enjoy it too…. I’m just hoping he doesn’t ask me to make more!

4 thoughts on “Sushi Playset

    1. Stacy

      I looked around at a few other places and it seems like that’s just the way most play food is made – hand sewing. I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and get better at hand sewing!

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