It’s My Secret

On Christmas Eve, I always let the kids open a few presents – one of them being new pajamas. This year, instead of buying a set for Taylor (for whatever reason a majority of the sets weren’t pajamas, but yoga pants), I opted to buy 1/2 and make the other. Since the top was Victoria Secret Pink, I decided that the pants needed to ‘match’. I found this very fabulous cheetahheart french terry at Needle Nook Fabrics quite some time ago with the intention of making pajama pants at some point (don’t they scream Pink?). Unfortunately, I was way short on fabric to use the Kwik Sew pattern that I had intended, so I searched the stash for my standby, McCall 3019 (now out of print).

I made a few modifications to this pattern: omitted the pockets, shortened the waist by 2 1/2″ (believe it or not, it may still be too high), and added some lettering to the rear of the pajamas (the lettering came from Sis Boom’s Tommy Boxer). I’m really pleased with the way they turned out – let’s hope Taylor is too!

One thought on “It’s My Secret

  1. stephanie

    I have 3 “tween” girls myself (including a Taylor!) and I hate to buy pj bottom patterns because of the waist! WHY do they make the waist SO high?!? It drives me crazy!

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