One More Pillow

I did it again this weekend, I made another name pillow. This one is for one of Taylor’s best friends (for a Christmas present) and I made one small change to the project – I added a pocket on the back of the pillow. I figured that we could slip a gift card in there as part of her gift and after she’s done using it, she can slide a journal, etc. into in pocket later on.

I have to say, these pillows are quite a bit of work (well, maybe only if the name is long), but I really enjoy making them. Maybe next year, I’ll have to make a bunch of Christmas themed pillows?

By the way, I thought I would point out that there is a new feature on the site: email subscriptions. I’ve had several inquiries about this so my wonderful husband has added it this weekend! If you’re interested in getting updates into your inbox, you can find the subscription link on the upper right hand side of the site, right under the search box.