More Boy Fabrics Needed!

I’m back on the Christmas making gift bandwagon! For this round of gifts I’ve decided to sew up these adorable name pillows. The thing that drew me to this particular project is that the applique alphabet is included with the instructions (I’m fairly certain that most folks could figure out this ‘pattern’ for themselves, but I think finding whimsical applique letters to be difficult). The hardest part? Finding fabrics that I want to use for them! After 90 minutes of searching for material, I finally settled on some material for the girls (pictured on the right). Easton, however, is much more of a challenge. Why can’t there be more boy’s designs at aren’t designed for infants? Needless to say, I scrounged up a frog print and coordinating fabrics (I wasn’t really thrilled with what I had) only to be told by the little man, himself, that he really didn’t like the print. So now I’m back to the drawing board!

8 thoughts on “More Boy Fabrics Needed!

  1. Jessi

    I love those name pillows! What’s funny is I had planned to do almost the same thing for a little girl this year (but with an alphabet from Planet since I just got an embroidery machine).

    I was going to make a square pillow, but I like the long rectangle better.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Sarah

    Stacy – this is a good place for novelty fabric: 4my3boyz dot com. I’m not sure if your blog lets me put in hyperlinks. I bought a lot of fabric there to make things for Aidan when he was younger.

  3. LauraM

    You know after only sewing for girls for years I now have twin grand- sons! They are 1-year old, I thought it would be fun to sew them some cute jammies or something, but I had trouble finding cute boy fabric too! Let me know if you find anything!

  4. kelly

    Stacy, I make those pillows (and use the letters for other projects too!) quite often. For boys, and some girls, I’ve been using men’s shirts….a local thrift store has 99c day, and I pick up several coordinating shirts at a time. The shirt plackets are used for an envelope-style backing, too, because I usually use pillow forms.


  5. Beth

    Welcome to the club … moms who want to sew for their boys and have little to choose from, be it patterns or fabric. : (

    1. Kirsten D.

      I know I check every time they come out with new patterns, and get so disappointed. The ones I have I treat like gold because there not even in print any more, and there not that old. I even noticed this in costumes, so many for girls yet almost nothing for boys. I had to piece my son’s together from patterns I had and then what I could find on line.

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