Fine Fabrics

Because I’m a stay-at-home mom, most of the time, I have a pretty casual wardrobe. It’s not to say that I won’t wear something made of a fine fabric from time to time, but there’s usually not a lot of opportunities for me to put them on. Consequently, I tend to make a lot of ‘wash & wear’ style garments. So, when I have the opportunity to work with a different material, I jump at it! This time it’s silk chiffon. Yes, I know, most people cringe when they hear those two words, but I was giddy. After week(s) of fiddling with muslins, sewing French seams, and practicing a lot of patience, I can say this particular garment is just about finished – I just have the hems before it’s done! (Whew!) Just in time so I can do a bit more Christmas present sewing! I wonder which project I should tackle first?

4 thoughts on “Fine Fabrics

  1. Beth

    Good for you, Stacy, to work on something nicer. Like you, I’m a SAHM and my wardrobe needs an upgrade!

    Can’t wait to see the results of the hours you’ve put into this … and to see your ideas for Christmas projects!

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